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Proodos provides in-depth analysis of organizational infrastructure, practices, and processes to ensure their effectiveness in meeting organizational vision and goals.


Focus includes:

  • Diagnostics to determine operational effectiveness of organization and align with stakeholders on organizational priorities and goals.

  • Financial health in response to declining reimbursement, penalties, Value Based Payment, risk sharing, bundling, prior authorizations,  ICD-10 compliance, Payer consolidation pressures – Negotiation barriers, Take-back  provisions, tighter networks;  Quality reporting and star ratings

  • Professional, Federal and local regulatory mandates and certification requirements

  • Workforce shortages and dissatisfaction

  • Marketplace dynamics and impact on individual practices and patient access

  • Internal and external vertical and horizontal alignments 

  • Information Technology – Data Security, systems interoperability, data integration and migration

  • Patient Satisfaction​



Helping organizations face and thrive within the dynamic nature of the Healthcare Industry.

Managed Services Include:

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Operations Management

  • Workforce Management

  • Project Management

  • Brand Development, Marketing and PR Services

  • Vendor Relationship Management

  • Stakeholder Advisory

Information Technology Services include:

  • Technology evaluation, acquisition and implementation

  • Data Migration

  • Systems Integration

  • Analytical Dashboard Development



Alignment of business needs and current infrastructure as new systems and services are introduced into organization.  A deep understanding of the current state and the impact of the changes can not be underestimated.  Thorough planning and execution of implementation is paramount to success.

Proodos works with clients to:

  • Formulate effective strategic execution and implementation plans for large-scale initiatives to operationalize strategy and achieve sustainable results

  • Identify opportunities for enhancement in the areas of patient satisfaction, financial position, operational efficiencies, workforce retention, and market share

  • Guide complex integrations post-acquisition and merger

  • Improve upon internal systems and processes to meet operational demands and challenges through the development and implementation of policies and procedures that optimize operations and address organizational gaps.

  • Technology evaluation, acquisition and implementation.



Proodos guides client transformation to enable sustainable success and growth.  Through a focus on Scaling for Growth, stakeholder alignment and leadership effectiveness, Proodos helps clients transition seemlessly.

Proodos helps clients:

  • Clarify their vision, and define the strategy to achieve it.

  • Quantify growth expectations and mechanisms to mitigate risks

  • Adjust and align the organizational structure

  • Optimize processes and systems

  • Maximize human capital

  • Create high performance teams

  • Equip leaders with change-agility skills

Proodos provides:

  • Interim management to bridge gaps for critical leadership positions.

  • Recruit and mentor permanent leadership.

  • Address and assist with organizational initiatives as needed

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