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Addressing Healthcare Market Challenges - Helping organizations face and thrive within the dynamic nature of the Healthcare Industry encompassing:

  • Reimbursement pressures such as declining fee schedules, penalties, Value  Based Payment, risk sharing, bundling, prior authorizations,  ICD-10 compliance

  • Payer consolidation pressures – Negotiation barriers, Take-back  provisions, tighter network

  • Quality reporting and star ratings

  • Professional, Federal and local mandates and certification requirements, and the political landscape

  • Workforce shortages and dissatisfaction 

  • Internal and external, vertical and horizontal alignments

  • Market Dynamics - Mergers, Acquisitions, Accountable Care organizations

  • Information Technology – Data Security, new system implementations, data migration and data integration

Your Goals = Our Focus

Building Blocks

Today's healthcare leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape, on the federal, regional and local level.  Courageous unfaltering leadership is necessary to effectively translate high-impact strategies into measurable business success. Moreover, leaders must be equipped with influential leadership talent and skilled in change and team management to lead cross-functional personnel and achieve diverse and highly strategic objectives.


Faced with the day to day demands of the healthcare industry, many leaders have found themselves racing against time and unable to meet all the demands of their organization and their workforce.  In their executive capacity, Proodos consultants have reputations as transformational leaders who are driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. Their expertise encompasses all aspects of business development, strategic planning, change management, and executive leadership, from controlling costs and maximizing revenues to harnessing team strengths to improve company wide performance.

During a period of unprecedented multi dimensional challenges facing our client, Proodos was able to step in to work with the leadership team of a multi state organization.  Requiring a full restructuring and realignment of the organization, the client turned to Proodos to help navigate the challenge of the major change initiatives required while maintaining focus on new growth initiatives.

The Proodos team supported our client by:

  • Providing in-depth analysis of the organizational infrastructure, practices, and processes to ensure their effectiveness in meeting organizational vision and goals.

  • Identifying opportunities for enhancement in the areas of patient satisfaction, financial position, operational efficiencies, workforce retention, and market share.

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures that optimize operations and address organizational gaps.

  • Providing executive coaching, Transitional Leadership​ and team development.


Increasingly complex reporting requirements, as well as adaptation to rapid technological advancements and the multitude of information systems in healthcare organizations require more intricate and specialized resources than ever before.  Proodos supports technology organizations serving the healthcare industry facilitating maximum impact for all parties.

Proodos senior consultants and partners have been leaders in healthcare operations, finance, technology, strategy and implementation for a minimum of 25 years each.  Through C-Suite experience and consultancy, Proodos and its partners have successfully collaborated with organizations to help them achieve their vision. As a boutique consulting firm where business is driven primarily by referral, clients trust Proodos to execute on their mission critical initiatives as an extension of their own organizations.


In partnership with Proodos, our client has been able to continue delivering and enhancing its Document Management solution, while expanding its service offerings to help clients respond to the complexities of the current healthcare environment. 


To that end, Proodos has served as extension of the client's organization to deliver the following services:

  • Develop and deliver a mechanism to accelerate growth and further differentiate in the market. 

  • Provide strategic and tactical support for the sales process to achieve strategic growth goals of the organization.

  • Support client implementation team:

    • Customize implementation for individual clients to minimize disruption of operations and accelerate relationship building,

    • Streamline implementation process to expand solution adoption and revenue opportunity.

  • Enhance client customer support through active evaluation of their customers' infrastructure, practices and processes, to maximize utilization of solution.

  • Provide implementation and execution consulting solutions for customers as value add services for client.

  • Identify opportunities for growth and collaborate on account initiation.

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