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Robotic Data Integration, Systems Migration and Analytic Dashboards






The unimpeded flow of information is a requirement for your business to modernize. Silos must open and systems must communicate in order for technological evolution to take place. When upgrading a legacy system to a modern system, the migration of data into the new system is of major importance. The legacy data which is so vital to your business is often overlooked by the major software vendors. Migration is often a secondary consideration farmed out to other consultants. The result is a chaotic upgrade with manual data entry, manual corrections and data loss. At ETL Technology Partners we provide a comprehensive migration path for smooth system upgrades. Let us help you make that transition.

Data Migration





Your business should never be locked away from its data, even when that data seems trapped in a Legacy system.  iMajic is a groundbreaking data integration technology that empowers small and medium sized organizations to retain their data regardless of technology or systems involved. ETL Technology Partners provides solutions which foster a continuous flow of data and information, legacy and modern, throughout your evolving organization. ETL Technology Partners’ solutions do not require multi-layered vendor arrangements, internal database experts, coding experts or even subject matter experts.

Data Integration
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